Tobacco Plantations

What happened on the Tobacco Plantations

The Plantations

On those islands, close to the African coast, they also began to use African slaves, which were shipped a relatively short distance from the kingdom of Kongo. The sugar produced, shipped north to Europe, stimulated the European taste and demand for ever more sugar.

The punishment of not working on the plantation

Plantation slaves were expected to work as and when their owners and ‘overseers’ dictated. To a marked degree, their treatment depended on the individuals in charge. Yet the most brutal aspect of their lives was not so much personal ill-treatment (though there was plenty of that), but the system itself.

The usage of the tobacco from the plantations

The English consumed more tobacco per capital than any other European nation in the 17th century and sought a place to grow it so they would not have to buy from their old rival, Spain.


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