Best @ the CREST- 12/3/2015

Agenda for the Early Release Training Date

What The Day Is About

~You'll be split into 2 groups. Specialty area teachers (TitleI, EC, ESL, Specials, etc.) can choose either group with which to travel. The assignments are: K-3 and 4-5.~

LUNCH 12:15-12:45 in

Media Center

Lunch menu will be boxed lunch from Chick Fil-A

  • Guided Reading in Tamber Duvall’s classroom
  • SIOPizing in David Icard’s classroom
  • Razified in Media Center

12:45-1:30: Razified K-3 SIOPizing 4-5

1:30-2:15: SIOPizing K-3 Guided Reading 4-5

2:15-3:00: Guided Reading K-3 Razified 4-5

3:00-3:30: Wrap Up K-5

Teachers Building Background Knowledge for Thursday's away & explore

click on the highlighted/underlined section to be taken directly to the sites


Read the top 29

Look over feedback for fluency

Guided Reading

As you watch the clips, keep answer these questions for yourself...

~ What 2 things are beneficial for student learning? What would you do differently? Is it evident what the students are supposed to learn? How does the teacher model and assess student learning? K-3 group 4-5 group


Are you like him? Are your students like her? This clip is to activate your background knowledge and remind you of the importance in COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT= to deliver clear and concise instruction to students. Look for pacing, use of visuals and realia, etc. Also, how does the "teacher" assess whether or not the student mastered the content? EnjoY!

Part I. What and WHY

A. We'll use this resource (have you download and type on your own document during our training)

B. Here's a sample lesson plan utilizing the idea of these objectives detailed so others can follow these ideas and teach straight from this plan.

Part II. THE HOW students will SHOW knowledge

A. First Clip

B. Review the VERBS to make your teaching have the HOTS

If you see a hand/arrow when you hover over any part of this SMORE, you will find a LINK to an outside source for more information. For example, the "titles" below are all links to things you may want to reference now or later.

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Creative Commons- where to find pictures students can use in projects

All STOCK photos are found on this site. You can read more about CREATIVE COMMONS by clicking here. Don't forget to bookmark this site for students.
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Don't Forget To Seek Support

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