Charger Chronicle

October 26-30


  • Red Ribbon Week (10/26-30) information posted below!
  • There is no school on November 2
  • The district assessments for tested subjects will be administered between November 3-6
  • October 30 is the deadline to switch to virtual or face-to-face instruction (see last post)
  • The end of the 2nd six weeks is on Friday, November 6.
  • The second six weeks report cards will be posted virtually on Thursday, November 12.
  • "Free Dress" will be on all Fridays! Pay a $1.00 and support the school fundraising program!
  • Thanksgiving Break is on November 23-27

Elementary School

Recipe of the Week

Challenge your child to understand author's purpose. After they read a passage, short story, or book, ask them, "Why did the author write this story?" Follow up your question by using specific vocabulary. For example, ask, "Did the author want to persuade, inform, or entertain the reader?"

Middle School

Recipe of the Week

Ask your students this week what they are learning in math. Challenge them to teach you the concept or explain their understanding.


Chargers-Cross Country

We couldn't be more proud of our Charger Track and Cross Country team who competed on Friday, October 23! Go Chargers!

Ms Boys 2 miles

21-Seth Roper 13.06

37-Dene Williams 13.54

60-Richard Goree 15.57

80-Max Lin 19.54

Ms Girls 2 miles

37-Emma Williams 16.26

56-Sienna Roper 18.35

Elementary girls 1.5 miles

26-Audriana Blackledge 17.36

Clubs & Fine Arts

Red Ribbon Week

Big picture

October 26-30

Red Ribbon Week is the largest drug-abuse prevention campaign in Texas. There will be a costume contest at the end of the week!

  • TEAM UP MONDAY: We are team players when it comes to being drug free! Wear your favorite team jersey and jeans
  • TWIN TUESDAY: We are together against the use of illegal drugs. Dress as TWINS with your partner in "Preventing Drug Crimes".
  • BRIGHT FUTURE WEDNESDAY: Our futures are bright! Wear the dress that represents your future career!
  • THURSDAY: Sock-it to drugs. Wear your craziest socks!
  • FRIDAY: Scare Drugs away! Wear your Halloween costume ( compete to win prizes!!)

How to Switch from In-Person to Virtual Learning or Vice Versa

Starting the third six weeks (Nov 9th) if a student desires to switch to virtual leaning or if a student wants to continue in virtual learning they must have passed all their classes at the end of each six-weeks period with a 70% or above. Which means a student currently not passing all classes with a 70% or above will have to switch to on campus face-to-face instruction starting Nov 9th. This gives all students desiring to switch either way the opportunity to catch up with all work and pass with a 70% or above in the next two weeks to have the option to switch either way.