Destination Imagination Update

February 3rd

Fundraising Update

This Friday, February 5th, is the HBS JAM fundraiser at Holland Brook from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

There will be a DJ, games, and prizes.

If you are available to help please email Amanda Botticello at

Some Thank Yous

Thanks to the Riner family and the Sepe family for hosting team sessions for Instant Challenges, social time and some growth.

Thanks to all our appraisers for their help in going to training on Saturday.


We've put the creativity into our underworld of Tartarus! Watch out, TB cells!

Now, this week we have a lot of questions to answer on our document. Scenery...Cam-Os...Costumes! Oh my!


We've worked hard on our confined spaces... Now it is time for Mystery People!

Also, the team is beginning to come up with frameworks and roles so that they will be ready for any challenge that comes their way!

Fine Arts

We have worked out the script for the opening scene and come up with a clever Techni-Clue using the Rosetta Stone, the Pig Pen Code, the Caesar Cipher and Scrolls.

Now it is really time to get together. You have the plans for making Rubble and for making your Ptolemy Stone.