Reading Timeline

Learning to read

I learned to read before kindergarten. My grandmother was an English teacher and she taught me to sound out the letters as a read. I had a lot of books of my own. I also went to the library weekly with my grandparents to pick out new books.

Elementary School

During elementary school we would go the library once a week to check out new books. The librarian would conduct book talks every week, so we knew what new books were available. We also had time to read during class every day.

I did have a fluency issue in 2nd grade. My teacher thought I wasn't reading at grade level aloud and she told my parents. I would have to read a chapter of my book every night aloud to my parents. It worked, my fluency improved immensely.

High School

I read a lot of books in high school. We read books in English and history classes. I had the same English teacher my junior and senior year, Mrs. Rucker. She had high expectations of all her students and she would call home if those expectations were not met. In my junior and senior year, I read 16 books just for her class. I read every book she assigned and we annotated every book. Those books were very useful in college. She made sure her students were prepared for college. I still read a lot of my own books, but I also read a lot for school.

Past Experiences

I was lucky and had positive experiences with reading from a very early age. I always had books to read and people to talk to about them. Reading was encouraged and rewarded in my house. I was a reader but my sister did not like to read. Reading came easy to me and it was not a burden. I think that makes a difference.

Reading in the classroom

I think that teachers can have influence in reading in any classroom, including an ELL classroom. We have students read every day for 10 minutes. We take the students to the library to pick books of their choosing. By high school, many students have a predetermined mind set against reading. It is something we have to work on through out the year. I think as the student progresses from level1 to level2 the student's attitude can change as reading in English becomes a little easier since they have a better understanding of the language.