Genghis Khan

Ruthless Barbarian vs. Hero

Did Tech and Science have an Impact on Genghis Khan's Empire?

When Genghis Khan went to attack Beijing City he took engineers as prisoners, so he could make new weapons to invade cities. The engineers taught Genghis Khan, his warriors, and prisoners how to build things like catapults and big wooden shields so when they charged at their enemy the enemy's arrows and defense mechanisms won't kill as many warriors. Global effect is battle strategies that Genghis Khan made are still used in fighting today.

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Wait For It...The Mongols!: Crash Course World History #17

Did the People who lived in the Region which Became Genghis Khan's Empire Experience any Change in their Relationship with Each Other?

When Genghis Khan ruled over all of Mongolia he made all the Mongol tribes unite so there would be one huge strong Mongol tribe and not little small tribes. The tribes got along which made a stronger army to attack other countries and make Genghis Khan's empire larger. I think there would be global effects on today, if Genghis Khan didn't unite the tribes then we probably wouldn't have the same amount of countries or there might be more fighting. In Kazakhstan there is no fighting about religion or anything like that. Genghis Khan united people and said that they could have their own religion but they can unit as a tribe.

Did Genghis Khan Trade Goods and Services?

Genghis Khan made Karakoram a trading center for goods such as rice, weapons, clothing, and etc. Genghis Khan had many other trading centers all the way to Persia. They weren't as big as the one in Karakoram. Genghis Khan invented a trading mechanism like the Silk Road. They sent rice to Persia on the trading route and an ambassador. Genghis Khan sent ambassadors around his empire so that he could control countries without being in other countries all the time. The ambassador he sent to Persia the Persian Leader sent back his head. That's what started another war. Anyway, the trading routs to Persia were 40 km away from each other.

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What are Different ways in which People in Genghis Khan's Empire made a living?

Most people used Genghis Khan's trading center in Karakoram. They would trade and sell food or clothing. Lots of men would go into Genghis Khan's army. Everyone was under Genghis Khan's control and if they didn't do what he told them to do then he/she would be killed. He always said "Surrender or die." Most people would surrender because they were afraid of being killed.

Where there any Wars?

Genghis Khan had many wars in my opinion. Genghis Khan's first war was when he was a young boy named Temujin he had a friend named Jamuka. They were best friends. They became blood brothers which means they drank each others blood and they gave a promise that they would never turn on each other. When Temujin was 9 years old he was sent out to live with his future wife Borte. After his father dropped him off to live with Borte and her family he was riding back to his clan when he stopped to have a drink with the Tartar tribe. He thought they were his friends, but they poisoned him with the water they gave him and he died. Temujin heard the news and had to go back to his clan and stay with his family. When he grew older after he married Borte the Merkit tribe came and took his wife Borte and his mother. He only had a few men so he called on his blood brother Jamuka for help to get his wife and his mother back. The day they were ready to fight they attacked the Merkit tribe at night. They burnt down yurts and the Merkit fleed for the trees. Temujin got Borte and his mother back. This was the first war he had won but there was many more to come and especially with people he would never think he would fight.