Behind the Cell cycle

BY: Sydre Williams, Angel Tillis


- cells spend 90% of their time in this phase.

divided into 3 separate phases

1. G1- growth one phase- cell growth

2. S synthesis - DNA (makes copy)

3. G2- growth two phase - prepare for mitosis.

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Mitosis- the processes in which two daughter cells are made
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Prophase- chromatin condenses to form a chromosomes. The nuclear membrane fades from view. The spindle is formed.
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metaphase- chromosomes line up in the middle
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anaphase- centromeres divide and the chromosomes move toward their respective poles.

The sister chromatids are moving apart

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telaphase- 2 new nuclei form chromosome. The cell is being divided. A new nuclear membrane is formed around the chromosomes.
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cytokinesis- cytoplasm separates into 2 new cells.
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Passive Transport

requires no energy

diffusion (spread) of molecules across the membrane.

active transport

required energy

movement of molecules across the membrane


diffusion of water across cell membrane.

protein transport

protein pickup/ drop off molecules in/out the cell.


the taking in of matter by a living cell by invagination of its membrane to form a vacuole.


a process by which the contents of a cell vacuole are released to the exterior through fusion of the vacuole membrane with the cell membrane.