Staff News #9

Windermere Primary School

Happy Holidays!

Alan and I really hope that you have a wonderful holiday break! Enjoy your long sleeve version of this year's t-shirt! Rest, relax, and be merry! See you in 2016!


Thank you

We delivered 270 pounds of food to the Storehouse this morning! They were very excited and very thankful! Thank you so much to you all for supporting this wonderful cause right here in our community. It was certainly fun, too!

Tacky and Some Not-So-Tacky Christmas Wear

HEB & Food Pantry Scavenger Hunt

The Grand Total

We raised $217 from our staff and HEB donated $100. In the end, including some recyclable bags and a few add on items after all the teams finished their shopping, we spent $320.93! According to the receipt we saved $37.89, too!

And The Winners Are...

We are ALL winners in this contest but we do have some awards for each team!

2nd Grade - Food Pantry Warrior Award: First to finish and closest to the budget without going over at $43.97!

1st Grade - Most Organized Award: Gathering the right brands and lining the items up at the check out!

Essential Ac/RIN/Resource/Colab - Coupon Queen Award: Used the most coupons and still went over budget!

Office - Big Spender Award - Over budget at $46.25!

Kindergarten - Most Frugal Award - Spending only $26.82!

PreK/Pegasus/PPCD - Christmas Around the World Award - Sent in their message in German!

Specials/Intervention/Assessment - HEB Choir Award - Singing the loudest and most often while shopping!