By Kayla Kennedy

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History of Elegy

It all started with the Ancient Greek and it was written to represent the people that died or even a group. It can show many feeling or expression. For example it can show sorrow, praise, and grief.

Why do we write Elegy poems

We write these kind of poem to express our feeling of a loss love one or group. Sometimes these poems even get turned into a song. It is a way to capture and hold all of your emotions. Some people use to remember lost ones and keep it so if they want they can go back and look back at it.

Characteristics of Elegy

Shows real emotions and sorrow and many more. People can Identify it by looking to see if it has any emotion or anything related to a death of a person or group.
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Example of Elegy poem

'If I cried out
who would hear me up there
among the angelic orders?
And suppose one suddenly
took me to his heart
I would shrivel"

-Rainer Maria Rilke.

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