It's March Wrapness!

Michelle Huskey-Jamberry Independent Consultant

Winter Ends and Spring Begins!

Hello Jammers! My newsletter is a little later than normal this month, as I was enjoying the Jamberry Incentive trip to Hawaii the beginning of this month! It was a wonderful vacation and incredibly beautiful; the perfect way to say 'Goodbye' to winter and 'Hello' to Spring! Thank you to all of YOU for supporting my business!
Our NEW Spring Catalog is HERE and you can view it all on my site! From fresh runway styles, to trendy graphic patterns, a new line of lacquers and TruShine Gel Enamels - you're sure to have fun browsing around!

Play up your wardrobe with this month's Sisters' Style, 'Color Crush’. Featuring a sparkle-meets-glossy colorblock design, in a range of bright playful shades, ‘Color Crush’ is the perfect transition into spring!

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Jamberry nail lacquers provide rich, creamy color in the season's chicest shades with an ultra smooth application for great overall coverage.

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5 Tips for Hand and Nail Health

1. Cleanse

  1. Swap your regular hand cleanser out for a moisturizing one. Most cleansers completely strip your skin and nails, so changing to a gentle, moisturizing product will prevent them from drying out and peeling. I like our Indulgence Hand Care Set – it has a brilliant cleanser in it that leaves your hands feeling silky and fresh and your nails nourished.

2. Moisturize:

Keep a bottle of moisturizer in every room of the house. How many times have you wanted to moisturize your hands and had to search the house for your moisturizer to do it?! I know this may sound over the top, but keep a bottle close by in key places – your bedroom, the kitchen, the office, in your handbag...etc. It will seriously change your life, not to mention the life of your hands and nails, which age VERY quickly if you don’t look after them. Maybe give our Nourish moisturizer a go? Want to try a sample of it? Just send me a message/email and I'm happy to send you one!

3. Protect your hands!

Please ALWAYS use gloves when you are washing the dishes! I always do! Think about it…You don’t want that stuff on your dishes, so why would you want it soaking into your skin and nails? Plus, you don’t want the dishwashing liquid and hot water irritating and drying out your hands. Plus there are some very cute and stylish dish gloves on the market now--Who says you can't be stylish while washing dishes?

4. Cuticle Oil

Hydrating your nails and cuticles is critical to healthy nails and nail growth. Many people only use cuticle oil when they do their manicure, but it really should be used every day. It only takes a moment to pop it on your cuticles, I apply mine nightly right before bed! We have our Jamberry cuticle oil in both a bottle AND a pen. I love the ease of the pen and the fact that it cannot spill!

5. Vitamins

Perhaps you’ve never been much of a vitamin taker, but if you have naturally weak nails you will quickly notice how much of a difference regular supplements can make… and not just to your nails, but your hair and skin too. Check out our Beauty Boost Biotin Rich Multivitamins! They might just be the perfect product for you!

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