Abraham Ortelius

Abraham was a cartographer and a geographer. He is the creater of the modern Atlas. He made and published "theatrum oris terrarium" it was the first collection of maps to be shaped into a book. He was also know to have traveled the seventeen provinces.

James Hutton

James Hutton's theory was earths was perpetually formed. It established the question of why all these land formed . It created erosion and all of the mountains and volcanos .
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Alfred Wegener

Alfred Wegener's theory was in large parts it was increased exploitation of the earths crust. He had paper and explored the great system of the oceanic ridges. He did what h did so we could no earth as we know it today.
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Harry Hess

Harry Hess's theory was the earth was created by sea and floor separation. This theory helped by discovery of the great global right. It shows how the crust is the shape it is today.
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Dan McKenzie

Dan McKenzie's theory was "He concluded that there are two layers in the mantle, each of them in motion, which contribute to continental drift." His evidence was mantle analysis. It's basically math evidence. It was important because it showed how the crust moved mantle analysis.