Dirty Water Is Entering Homes

Why is dirty water entering our homes?

The Problem

In country's such as Africa, people have a struggle to get clean water to drink. In the town Flint which s in Michigan in the USA they had a problem in 2011, their water source changed to Flints river but it was 19 times more corrosive then their original water source, and even children was drinking this water and still people were paying their water bills. It's like paying for poison. There was complaints about water that tasted, smelled and looked funny. And this is happening all the time which has to STOP!

How To Help!

You could help by donating fresh water, raising awareness or sign a petition for examples and anything will help even if its just a bottle of fresh water. These people need your help!

Quick Facts

Foul Drains - This is the water you use everyday and it goes down the Foul drain to a Wastewater Treatment facility. And after that they put back into the rivers and lakes.

Surface Water Drains - When it rain onto the houses, buildings etc it goes down the drains you see if you go walking outside and it in there but goes straight back to the ocean because it doesn’t need cleaning.

Combined Drains - It’s where both Foul and Surface Drains are combined into one and go to a Wastewater Treatment facility and be put back into the oceans. But you’ll only find these type of drains by more older housing.