The Boston Tea Party

The Revolutionary War


The colonists were dressed as Mohawk Indians. They were dressed like that so the British could not identify the men dumping the tea off the boat.


The colonists threw crates of British tea into the harbor to keep the tea from getting loaded off.


December 16, 1773 2 years before the war started.


Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts.


The British raised taxes on tea and other goods shipped from other countries. So they threw all the tea off the ship because they told the captain to take the tea back and he didn't listen.

3 Intresting Facts

The British blockaded all the harbors of Boston until they paid for the tea that they dumped off. The disguises had nothing to do with tricking the British. No Mohawk Indians lived anywhere near Boston. Instead the men feared being identified. Joshua Wyeth, a 16-year-old blacksmith said, "We were merry... at the idea of making so large a cup of tea for the fishes".
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Boston Tea Party
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