The Royal Society of London

18th Century, Restoration, and Enlightenment Period

The Founding of the Royal Society

Twelve men met at Gresham College on November 28, 1660 to form the Royal Society. Natural philosophers began to discuss "the new philosophy of promoting knowledge of the natural world through observation and experiment, which we now call science." They met once a week to discuss ideas, and many of these ideas are still around today. The scientists were selected to be in the society and many did not follow rules on religion, but faced reality with facts.

Notable Scientists and Philosophers of the Time Period

The Scientists

  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Robert Boyle

The Philosophers

  • Voltaire
  • John Locke
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • Rene Descartes

Important Members and Their Achievements

John Wilkins: One of the main founders, clergyman, and philosopher. Established a modern English philosophical artificial language.

Christopher Wren: One of the main founders. Helped rebuild London after the Great Fire and many of those buildings still stand today. Recognized by Sir Isaac Newton.

Sir Robert Moray: One of the main founders. Responsible for gathering their Charter and first president.

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