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Ms. Cipriano's Newsletter - Week of November 9th

Weekly Academics

Reading Street:

•Question of the Week; “How are flowers unique?”

•Amazing words: seeds, stem, bloom, fruits, buds and petals

•We recognized and named uppercase and lowercase letter: Aa

•Identified initial and medial /a/ words like apple and bat

•High- frequency words: I, am, the, little, to, a, have and is

•Nouns for more than one (singular and plural)

•Labeled parts of a flower

•Used our “rubber bands” to help sound out CVC words

•Some of our favorite books that we read are Run Turkey, Run, Corduroy and Have you seen trees?


•Reviewed headline, midline and baseline

•Practiced writing uppercase and lowercase letters Aa, Mm and Tt.

•Helpful strategies when writing (finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation)

•Students wrote about flowers and what they learned

enVision Math:

•Ordered and compared numbers 0 to 10

•Discussed strategies to identify numbers on a ten frame

•1 more, 1 fewer

•2 more, 2 fewer

Social Studies/Science:

•Five Senses

•Veterans Day

•Thanksgiving / Needs and Wants

SEL: We continue to sit as a class and place ourselves somewhere on the Mood Meter. The book Corduroy helped us become familiar with the word “caring”. We defined the word “caring” and shared some stories about when we felt cared for.

Please continue to practice number recognition and formation, letters, sounds and

high-frequency words at home with your child. Refer back to the packet given out at conferences for suggestions.

Peek at Next Week

-Nature spy / New amazing words

-Letter sound /S/

-Proper nouns and setting

-Ordering numbers on a number line

-Feeling word: caring


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Schedule of Specials

Days 1 & 4 Library

Days 2 & 5 Computer Room

Day 3 & 6 FLES


Saturday, Nov. 21st, 8:30am

186 Alice Avenue

Oceanside, NY

See you there!

Kindergarten Dance

Friday, Dec. 11th, 6pm

25 Castleton Court

Oceanside, NY

Time is TBD