Fall Festival Update


Thank You For Making the Event a Success!

From securing donations, to offering your time, to motivating your students to attend/participate, you all worked to make this event one to remember!

We set a goal for the event of $8,000

We brought in $7,748.37!

A special thanks to the 2015-2016 Fall Festival Committee...

who increased our revenue by 61% over last year! Way to go Deb Gest, Sharifa Myles, Dana Gentry, Christina Sanchez, Kelly Hebert, Dora Cabrera, Marie Shoenfeld, Tiffany Smith, Sally Arce, Kathaline Strickler, Alfred Ladson, Antonia Martinez, Imelda Bazan, Maria Alvarez, Maria Benavides, Maria Infante, Natasha Bates, Stacy Blanco, and Heather Harmann.