Risk Activities

Due 9/26/2014

This week in group....

8th grade had a very interesting conversation that I wish I had recorded to share with y'all. It was neat listening to them work cooperatively to problem solve. The issue discussed is that it seems a little more difficult this year to keep grades in the averages we like. They are having to employ some new strategies in order to be successful. Here are the tips from the 8th graders:

1. When doing homework, if you don't understand something consult your notes and text book. Check your teacher's website, and ask your parents. If that doesn't work email your teacher your question. Follow up with them the next day. Attend tutorials.

2. While we are talking about email. It is OK to email your teachers. Keep it professional, but your teachers would love to hear from you. Tell them something you liked about their class, or maybe something you saw out in the community that related back to what they are teaching about. Make a connection.

3. It is OK to work collaboratively on homework. Having a friend that you can study with is a wonderful strategy for academic success. Make sure you have each others contact information in case you have questions outside of school. Today 2 students used their notes to fill in gaps that the other had. It was neat to see them have such a great success.

4. Tutorials are AWESOME! This is a great opportunity to get stuff done that you need to get done or brush up on something before the big test. A little preparation before hand always pays off big in the end.

Checking out the sites!

Come meet the not so secret author of our current read out loud - The Name of this Book is Secret. Pseudonymous Bosch will be at Book People on 9/27 at 2pm. Watch their calendar for other favorite authors!

This week we started reading The Name of This Book is Secret in our before school time. We will not only read the book out loud together, but have activities related to the book. It is a highly entertaining mystery and a great read for the entire family. If you are not able to come read with us before school I encourage you to read it at home.