Empires and Kingdoms

Unit 3


Justinian Byzantine Empire

Justinian Byzantine Empire was important because he revived the glory and power of the Roman Empire. His wife Theodora talked him into staying and fighting. The Justinian Code is Scholars that collected the laws of Roman Empire.


Constantinople controlled trade between Europe and Asia.

Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a European explorer, known as a extensive traveler.

Tsar Ivan lll

First ruler of Russia



Islamic empire expand through traveling.

West: Roman Catholic headed by the Pope.

East: Eastern Orthodox headed by Patriarch of Constantinople


Crusades was European attempt to recover the holy land from the Muslim.

Relationship between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

All three are monotheistic, Christianity and Islam both believed in Jesus and the crusades. Christianity and Judaism believed in the 10 commandments and Old Testament. Judaism and Islam believed that Jesus is not the son of god.


Mansa Musa

Made a pilgrimage to Mecca with thousands of pilgrims and tons of gold.