Teachers Keeping Up With #EdTech

Learn the best ways for teachers to keep up with edtech


How in the world are teachers supposed to keep up with all these rapid changes in technology?! Classrooms are pushing out the paper and pulling in the technology to better prepare students for their future schooling and careers. Teachers are at the center of this phenomena trying to sort through the mess to effectively and efficiently teach their students.


Keeping up with technology is not simply about mastering the technology, but rather about mastering the process behind integrating it into your classrooms. Once you develop the skills you need to adapt your students to new and exciting apps and online resources, any new resource introduced into your classroom can be transitioned in a fluent and efficient way. The most important skills are being patient, humble, consistent, and adaptable.

Tools to Keep Up

  • There are a ton of free webinars online
  • These are a great way to learn tips and find inspiration

Social Media

  • Twitter: follow professionals, participate in twitter chats

Resource & Community Websites

  • Great source for articles on topics of interest
  • Ex. OneStopEnglish.com


  • Stay up to date with discussions and the newest technology
Technology in Education