Black Holes

By Jeremy Herzog

How are black holes are formed?

Black Holes are formed in two different ways. One way is that two Red-giant suns start to swirl together and eventually collide and form a black hole. Another way that a black hole is formed is when a dying sun starts to collapse and eventually turns into a black hole.

What kinds of blackholes are out there?

There are three types of black holes that scientists know about at the time. On is called a primordial black hole. the next on is called a Stellar black hole, they are 20 times greater than the mass of the sun and can fit inside a ball with a diameter of about 10 miles. There are about a dozen of these in the Milky Way Galaxy. The last one is called a supermassive, These black holes are about the size of a 1,000,000 suns and would fit in the diameter of the Milky Way.
The Birth of a Black Hole
What Happens Inside A Black Hole?