CHES SPED iPad App Challenge - March 2015

Easy Challenge

Let's get back in gear with the "App"spiration challenge. This month...it's easy! We're exploring Dreambox on the iPads. Below is a link to the "how-to" directions I sent out via email.

Your Challenge

  • Have your students explore Dreambox on the iPads several different times.
  • Submit your review. The link to the review is below.

To Register for Challenge - 15 PD Points

  • Visit the HCPS Professional Development Registration Site
  • Log in and then click start
  • Click on "add course" at the top
  • Scroll down to "ongoing development opportunities"
  • Sort the audience to "CHES"
  • Click "show audience sort"
  • Click on iPad Appspiration
  • Click add course
  • You're done!

Reminder: App Request Process

Step 1: Check the 'HCPS ITRT App List' on Blackboard>How To Tech to see if your app has already been approved. Here is the link as well.

  • If your app is listed: Contact your ITRT let them know the app is approved, and ask them to load it to the iPad(s).
  • If your app is not listed: Go to Step 2.

Step 2: Complete the 'iDevice App Request/Evaluation/Approval Form' (Link on Blackboard>How To Tech). Here is the link as well.

Step 3: Your ITRT will contact you to follow up on the status of your request.

Dropbox Information

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