2nd Grade PLC

November 18, 2014


1. How do we want to assess spelling? Based on data needed, we will consider assessing weekly spelling with 3 dictation sentences containing 3 application words. We will also include 2 sight words. We will assess conventions, and application as well as sight words. We will come up with the sentences at PLC.

Parents: Spelling Update

We will continue to teach spelling in the same manner, but we are changing the way we assess their application of the words. We will continue to send home the spelling lists with the pattern/rule of the week for them to study. The tests wil now contain two sight words, and 3 dictation sentences applying the spelling strategies.

2. Writing rubric options: We like :-)

3. EDC notes11/17/14

EDC Notes:

1. Review SIP –Academic Focus

2. ***Check again---Did everyone get and complete Climate Survey???

3. Tech-Enhanced Tests – Grades 3-5

*Several test options, Kids have to manipulate tests, have access to computers. Some we do not receive feedback. There are some practice tests from the state, but they are not available yet. Kids may have to highlight, go “back” pages; Jennette looks at this as a learning year.

4. Furniture Budget – Big Furniture items Due by 12/15… Big items include: Teacher desk, chairs, easels

5. 1st week in Jan. – 1/9? Assembly with Fredbird and a Cardinal. Focus on “Do the Right Thing”. 2 Assemblies.

6. Eileen and Recess items/concerns”

· 2-half days to go over zones w/recess teachers & PE teachers

· Class Meeting – Safety Concern – Only adults let students in and out of building

· Any students missing recess due to classroom issues, need to be picked up by teacher from the cafeteria…Or any other suggestions

· Casts/boots – from Nurse, can stay in 1 day with a parent note, doctor’s note for longer.

***Any suggestions for students that have to stay inside???? Jennette is open to any ideas****

4. Scheduling Mindy and Lindsay for Little Bird Tales: Various times over the next two weeks based on teacher's project schedule.

5. Schedule data day? Consider 4th quarter ( by December 2nd)

6. Tonya's resources

7. Comprehension tests?

Starting next week: 1. Clifford the Small Red Puppy

2. Black Widow Spiders

3. Fact and Opinion Intervention Test

4. Using Context

5.Inference Assessment

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Attendance: McKay, Wylie, Sestric, Taplin, Ransom, Hess, Sigel, Bradt