Where The Red Fern Grows

Cole Whittemore


The setting is in the fall. Climax when hunting they find a bob cat and it kills one of his dogs but saved his life.The rising action is when he runs away to go get his two dogs. Theme with a little work you will get what you want. The main characters are a boy Billy and his 2 red bone hounds. His parents did not have the money to buy him the dogs so he had to earn it. He worked with people to get the money. He finally got the money he needed so his grandpa ordered the dogs for him. They were in the city and they lived in the country he could of got a ride in a week but he did not want to wait so he walked the whole way and picked them up then walked all the way back.Billy really wants to coon hunt he did all that work just so he could.He trained his dogs and they were very good but these two kids with a blue tick hound said they were not so they bet that his dogs could not tree this ghost coon they did but billy did not wont to kill it because his dogs where the only dogs that could tree it . His dogs where so good his grandpa entered him in a coon hunt competition. They won it to. It is old stile writing so it is kinda hard to read.
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