District Newsletter

Lynnville-Sully Schools - August 10, 2020

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Message from Shane Ehresman, Superintendent

Lynnville-Sully Families,

Starting August 10, an electronic district newsletter will be distributed on a weekly basis via JMC email, posted on Facebook, Twitter, and the front page of the school district website. The weekly newsletter will include school district updates and information. Each week, new information is provided to Iowa school leaders by the Iowa Department of Education, the Governor’s office, public health, and state educational groups. As we learn new information, communication will be distributed to Lynnville-Sully families.

District Return to Learn Website (COMING SOON)

After months of preparation, the Lynnville-Sully Community School District created a Return to Learn plan based on feedback and recommendations from Lynnville-Sully families, community members, staff, and school board members as well as multiple state and federal organizations. When posted on the front page of the school website, please browse the Return to Learn site to learn more about our plan to bring students and staff back to school.

First Day of School for Students

The first day of school for students will be Wednesday, August 26. The school district will follow our regular school calendar and daily hours. 2020-2021 School District Calendar:


School Registration

If you did not attend school registration last week or have not submitted your registration information, please mail or drop off in the high school office this week. Especially this year, it is important to know who is attending for staffing purposes. Link to registration packet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mLteMetVTPUaY3jW3W85jWw4evzsdlld/view

Arrange Childcare Services in Advance (IMPORTANT)

Please have childcare services arranged before we begin the school year. Based on the number of COVID-19 cases in the county (15% or greater positivity rate) AND school district absenteeism (10% or greater) as well as state approval, the school district may need to close and move to required online learning at any time for 14 days or more.

Face Masks / Face Shields

At this time, face masks and/or face shields for students and staff will be strongly encouraged, not mandated. We know many staff members will be wearing face masks and/or face shields when social distancing is not possible. The school district strives to create a culture where face masks, face shields, and social distancing when possible are socially-acceptable practices. Students harassing other students or staff for wearing a face mask and/or face shield will not be tolerated.

Eight Tips for Kids & Masks infographic from UnityPoint Health (see below and attached). For more information on cloth face coverings including how to make them, how to wear them appropriately, and how to care for them, please visit the Iowa Department of Public Health link: https://idph.iowa.gov/Emerging-Health-Issues/Novel-Coronavirus/Public

Sign-Up for Daily Bus Route Transportation (AUGUST 17 DEADLINE)

If you would like school bus transportation, please complete the transportation registration form - August 17 deadline. The school district does not pick up students in the town of Sully.

Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd7h65Jw4LONssS6GyGTxGFyX1dYcbn2BmrcwdpfWYcafZ7lQ/viewform

Technology Needs Survey

To better understand technology needs in each household in the event of school closure, we are requesting each family complete a Technology Needs Survey. We will use the information to gather technology resources for families. Survey link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeM-0dVdrjGInv3jBwsa-oBLAO8muzAUAUH9j-BOEuBgWUghA/viewform

Be a L-S Substitute Cook, Associate, Secretary, Custodian, Teacher, or Nurse

The Lynnville-Sully Community School plans to begin the school year on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. The intention of the school district is to bring students and staff back to school five days a week with several new health and safety strategies. There are a couple factors that may force the school to return to 100% online learning at home which is not ideal. One factor is confirmed positive COVID-19 cases among students and staff. The second factor is a lack of substitute staff to conduct normal business in the school district. Recently, community members ask about helping the school during these challenging times. Today’s answer: Be a substitute.

Lynnville-Sully School needs more substitute bus drivers, cooks, associates, secretaries, nurse, and teachers. Oftentimes, people think schools only need more substitute teachers. Not true. The unpredictability of staff absences may make staying open a challenge. For example, Lynnville-Sully may not be able to offer bus transportation if four of our six route bus drivers are required to self-quarantine for 14 days or if several associate or teacher positions are unfilled because of substitute unavailability. At any time, staff members may be required to self-quarantine for 14 days by public health if tested positive for COVID-19 or identified as a secondary case based on contact tracing. A secondary case is a person in proximity, based on health department guidelines, of a person tested positive with COVID-19. Even outside of the school’s control, staff may be self-quarantined based on contact tracing from family members, social interactions, or other group activities.

We need community members to step forward during the pandemic to assist the school. Many school positions don’t require a license or experience, while others require a license or formal training. A person with a bachelor’s degree (in any subject) may become a substitute teacher. Any person with a CDL license may drive a bus as long as they get a school bus license. Even if you don’t have a CDL license, a person may attain a school bus license. School district personnel will assist people who want to get their substitute teaching license or bus license. School nurse substitutes must be a registered nurse (district is paying $30 per hour for a substitute nurse).

If you are willing to substitute for the school, please reach out to me or someone you know at the school. We would be happy to discuss positions and pay with you. Feel free to contact me at 641-594-4445 extension 103, send an email to: ehresman@lshawks.com or drop a note to: Shane Ehresman, Lynnville-Sully Schools,, PO Box 210, Sully, Iowa 50251.

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