October Team Stats & Celebrations

Team Fantasia

Team Stats:

  • 1. Rebecca Blake- $501.50
  • 2. Kristen Holmes- $340.00
  • 3. Candace Moore- $234.00
  • 4. Mari Thomas- $226.00
  • 5. Michell Harpold- $145.00
  • 6. Jen Wright- $87.00

Director's Sales- $1257.50

Believe and Achieve Incentive! How many have you earned?

Announcements & Important Information

  • We are launching a BRAND NEW training just for our teams (Team Soar and Team Fantasia) beginning in January. This training will be specific to things that will help you in your business. These trainings will be held in the off months of our C & C Meeting. (ex. C & C in Dec & Feb, we will have our training in Jan & March) Stay tuned for more details!

  • Welcome Pam Somerville! Pam joined Thirty-One and Team Fantasia October 1!

  • Ready, Set, Sell Incentive begins November 27. Set yourself up for success for Spring by earning this incentive with new Spring Products

  • Don't forget to register for the Spring Product Premiere at a theater near you!

  • Last day for the November Special (Medium Utility Totes) is November 26th. Be sure to get those orders in to ensure no technical difficulties or delays!

  • Don't forget, Christmas delivery cut off is December 10.