By : Cameron Hansen


Piranhas are the worlds 4 most dangerous fish! And their teeth are razor sharp. Keep reading to find out more about Piranhas.


Although Piranhas are very dangerous, they have many predators like... Humans,River Dolphins,Crocodiles,Turtles,Birds and Large Fish


Most Piranhas like to eat Fish and insects ,but sometimes they will eat baby birds if they fall into a shoal of Piranhas.

where they are found

Piranhas are found in South America, But if they are found in different areas of the world they are most likely to be in a aquarium.

when they attack

Most Piranhas attack when when someone messes with them or their eggs. So don't go messing with Piranhas because their teeth are razor sharp.
Piranha's Razor Sharp Teeth

Birth and growth

When red belly piranhas are born they are around 5.5 inches and they grow to be 10 inches, but black piranhas can grow to be 22 inches.


to find out more about Piranhas go to animalcorner.co.uk


Predators - Attackers/threats to an animal

Shoal - A group of Piranhas

Attack - harm or injure