Unit 3 Summative Assesment

The fictitious simulation and Enduring Understanding


1) In the fictitious simulation, I was an Amali Ambassador. We wanted clean water, land for our giraffes to migrate, and trees for the giraffes to eat.

2) At first we made a deal with the West Gulden government to give them their country back if we had a quarter of it for giraffes to get to water and trees to eat. Then West Gulden and Amali agreed to pay half each for a canal for water to go to both rivers in both seasons. Next, because we needed clean water, Burstan agreed to pay a water filtration system so the factories wouldn't pollute the river. We made a deal with West Gulden that if they would give us enough of their trees (non-blanco) that we would give them their country back.

3) We had to use conflict resolution to come up with answers to each problem. There was 8 problems that needed solutions and we got them all.



A real world situation that is similar to the simulation is the refugees of Syria. One of the things we needed was lumber for our people and in Syria the refugees need housing. Also what the Amali needed was food and that is another need of the Syrians. The Syrian refugees need a place to live and that is a big debate between many countries, the giraffes needed a place to migrate and we debated over where they should go. I think what will happen in the Middle East is that ISIS will continue to make bigger attacks and that will lead to other countries that are fighting against them to make bigger attacks on them and it will be getting worse and worse until one of them is destroyed and/or they surrender.


1). The Enduring Understanding, exploitation and competition over natural resources and interactions between major belief systems may create conflict, relates to my life. It is on a much smaller scale then when ISIS and the United States goes to war. If I like a certain type of music and one of my friends doesn't then we would argue about which one is better.

2) This relates to the Enduring Understanding because music is about what we believe in, so similar to "belief systems", and the difference of them creates conflict.

3) There is conflict between to of my classes that relates to the Enduring Understanding. My major conflict is that in science there is and equation that makes no sense in my math class.