Cause & effect

This is a newspaper full of cause and effect.


Lebron James and Kyrie Irving learned to work as a team, so now they have been winning the last couple of games. They have compared stats and they don't have much more than each other. To the coach that showed him that 2 of the key players that are on his team have been working together. This could work to the Cleveland Cavaliers advantage.


Stephen Curry missed the free throw, so the Golden State Warriors lost to the Dallas Mavericks. His coach said that they couldn't blame him because he was under pressure. His teammates said that they all new that they intimidated him. He was the one who always came in and finished games, but he couldn't do it this time for some reason.

Really real information on the NBA.


This is a video of all of the greatest players in the NBA. These players are having alot of success in the NBA. They had got on a role and never looked back.