Spring Energy Clearing Workshop

for The Mind, Body & Spirit

Do clients, family, friends, partners or even your own thoughts leave you feeling exhausted or drained at times?

Do your emotions change quickly for almost no reason?

Does being in public or watching the news make you nervous?

If you relate to these scenarios, you are probably Empathic or an Energy Sensitive, meaning you soak up the energy of others and the environment without even realizing it, often adversely affecting your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Now more than ever we need to be more aware and conscious of our Energetic Health. Regular energy and space clearing can help improve emotional balance, peace of mind, clarity, focus and even boost energy levels!

Spring is a time for renewal and clearing away the old to make way for the new. The same holds true for our Spiritual Health, so join us for this informative and interactive workshop on Energetic Clearing and Protection and Bloom into a new season!

In this interactive workshop we will discuss many simple and practical methods to help you identify, sense, clear and maintain your energy field as well as the energetic transactions that occur around you.

~Learn to identify and release energy drains, attachments and cords

~Discuss and practice techniques to cleanse and purify your energy fields

~Discover new ways to maintain and protect your energy

~Learn how to create strong Energetic boundaries for yourself

~Space Clearing – Personal Space, Healing Space, Sacred Space Techniques

~You will understand the power of intention – intentionally driven protection techniques

This workshop is being taught by Reiki Masters Bruce Kleb and Kim Leinberger

of And So It Is and Fairy Fresh Farm

Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00pm

Price: $15.00

Karma Fest Trading Post

Sunday, May 3rd, 12pm

1818 Hanover Pike

Hampstead, MD

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