Say No To Hoover

By: Malayna Bryan

Time to reelect

Hoover walks around all day not worrying about anything while we the people are starving and living in Shantytowns. He says that he is Reassuring but he isn't quite enough. He says he is just being cautious but the the truth is he doesn't want to help us. He won't give us Direct Relief and he says he thinks Government should intervene but i don't see any government official down here helping out anyone. So its time to knock Hoover off his pedestal and get a new president because this one isn't working out. So be ANTI HOOVER!

Let Hoover Be No More

I am pretty sure i proven to you that there should be no more Hoover in office because even though the entire Depression isn't his fault it is his fault for not doing anything. After all people have resulted into becoming hobos. The new military must fight against our veterans. And farmers can't even have a little food now and pay for it later. What is the world coming to it is time for reelection and don't be the person who votes for Hoover because we need a man of action not one who believes survival of the fittest is best.
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Stock Market Crash

The beginning of The Great Depression was because the Stock Market Crashed. Leaving people out of their entire life savings. Banks started shutting down one after another because the banks went broke because of all the people trying to get their money back. Then when banks closed so did their accounts along with the money in those accounts. Leaving millions of dollars gone and millions of people getting kicked out of their houses. Farmers were already having a hard enough time at it is without losing what money they had left.