Polish history and culture

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Traveling, their advantages and disadvantages other facts.

Traveling was hard they had to travel by boat and it was very crowded. Men wold go first to make sure that our country was safe to live in. They arrived when the Vikings came. They came to America to get a better job a better house and for sure a better life. Some of the advantages were having a lot of people of their kind on the boat and some of their disadvantages was starvation and thirst.

Facts about Poland history and culture

Traditions long ago.

Some of the traditions they carried back many generations were on holidays they'd wear special dresses and skirts to represent their culture. On weekends polish would go horse back riding and tell polish jokes. Poland is the 9th largest country on earth. They came and bought some of our land for their kind because back were they lived other people couldn't understand their language and made fun of them because they spoke a different language.

Intresting facts

They came to our country in June 10th 2009. They settled in California, wisco


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