Genghis Khan and Sons Influence

By Dustyn Baumgartner

Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was the leader of the Mongols. He had 4 sons. He united the the nomadic tribes of the Mongolia Plateau. After doing this he and his armies conquered the very large parts of Asia and China. He was ruler of the Mongolian empire until his death in 1227. His sons took control and separated it into for different regions called Khanates.

Ogedei Khan

This is the third son of Genghis Khan. Carried out several military campaigns attacking the dynasties in China. He went after the Jin dynasty and they received word that the Song Dynasty in South China wanted theJin land. The Mongols joined the Jin and they split their conquered land in half.

Jochi Khan

This was Genghis' first son and the Mongol Prince. In the later military campaigns that Genghis led, he took part in them. He was given the most land to rule over after his father's death. He also became leader of the Mongols after Genghis Died.


This was Khan's fourth son. He received the land that extended through present day Russia after his father died. He was a leader under Genghis during some of the military campaigns. Tuloi was known as a military leader and a heavy drinker.

Chagatai Khan

This was the second son to Genghis Khan. After the death of Genghis Khan he received the farthest part of the Mongolian Empire. He was a just and energetic ruler. He was fair and didn't heavily tax his kingdom. He taxed his conquered areas.


Genghis Khan had a stranglehold on Asia. He was in charge of everything except religion. He was very religiously tolerant. He let people believe in whatever God(s) and Goddess(es) they wanted.

Genghis Khan's Army

His army was a force in Asia. He conquered land from the Chinese eastern coast all the way to Iraq and Syria. They were responsible for killing over 40 million people. They didn't care about stealth and strategy. They were more based on brute strength. That is the reason they were so powerful. Nobody could prepare for such brute strength.