Weekly Newsletter

Timothy J. Vanoli, Superintendent

October 25, 2019

Main Street Middle School Play Fields Update - A 3-Week Look Ahead

You may all be wondering what is the latest update on the Main Street Playfields and the completion of the work at the new middle school. The irrigation lines should be completed at the end of next week and they will start soil amendments the week of the 4th, so we are looking at the 2nd week of November for hydra seeding. The softball backstop is scheduled to be installed next Monday.

Frank Ledesma Elementary Ball Wall

Below are pictures of the ball wall install at Frank Ledesma Elementary. The Maintenance, Operations Department will be painting and completing the wall in the next week so it can be ready for our students. Dilbeck & Sons Construction still needs to apply the top cap. Park Planet will be on site on Monday to begin the install of the Play Structure. The concrete pad has been installed.

Play Structure Pad at Frank Ledesma


8th Grade Students attend the Play "Hamilton" in San Francisco!

Our 8th graders were part of thousands of 8th grade students in Monterey County who had the opportunity to see the play, "Hamilton" at the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco on Wednesday, October 23rd. Our Superintendent, Mr. Vanoli & Associate Superintendent, Mr. Bangs, made sure all students boarded safely and the buses that drove them up to San Franscisco. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone who attended: Principals and Teachers. Thank you to the Dan and Lillian King Foundation for sponsoring the trip!


Soledad High School Football Team at 5K Event

Our Soledad High School Football Team participated at Jacob's Heart 5K Event activities, working with kids and talking to parents that have lost someone in the fight against cancer and kids that survived cancer. Kids were excited to work with football players and took pictures with our boys. They did an amazing job representing Soledad High school and are District.