BIM Book Report Project

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe


In this novel by C.S Lewis, we meet four children, Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy, who have fled to the countryside to escape the raging war. In an accidental occurrence, Lucy discovers a magical land called Narnia. She meets a fawn named Mr. Tumnus, who explains to her that Narnia is still under a spell cast by the reigning evil Witch that makes Narnia eternally winter. Slowly but surely, Lucy is able to bring all her siblings into Narnia, but sadly, the temptress Witch proved too much for him to resist, and he becomes her "spy." The witch sets out to murder the children, but they reach Aslan the lion, the true emperor of Narnia, before she can. Aslan his able to retrieve Edmond from the Witch's grasp, but in doing so made a deal to sacrifice his own life as atonement for Edmonds's. Aslan is brutally executed, and Peter leads Aslan's army against the Witch's. The siblings all prove themselves in some form or fashion, and Aslan comes back to life and comes to Peter's aid, ultimately winning the battle, In the end, all of the siblings are crowned Narnia's kings and queens, but find the portal to earth and return back to England, children once again.

Likes and Dislikes

In this book I liked that it was very Biblical based. The Witch is a representation of Satan and his tempting way; how it's so hard to resist sin sometimes. The Lion represents Jesus and how He is perfect, sinless, and died to pay for our sins. I think the wardrobe is a representation of the doors that God opens to try to bring us to Him, Also, I loved the great, adventurous story line. It really keeps you on the edge of your seat. The only thing I disliked it that there is often British terminology used that I didn't quite understand at times.

Would I Recommend This Book/Author?

I would definitely recommend this to others, especially to those you enjoy symbolic literature and high adventure.