The Day With No Technology


I do not mind writing a short essay or maybe take notes in a lecture; however, this simple 24 hour task gave me a little anxiety. I decided to rid my Saturday of the technology that surrounded my daily routine. Without my phone and laptop I felt like something was slightly off for the day. I am happy to say I survived and had a pretty fun-filled day (as you will see below). Overall, I learned a lot about the impact of technology in my life, in a classroom, and in society. This was a great learning experience and reflection on my life all together! I hope you enjoy reading how I spent my 24 hours technology free!

- Megan Hopkins


My Cellphone: I use this small device to organize the what's, when's, and where's of my life. Everything academic and my sorority's news and information are always first seen through the screen of my Iphone 5. Social media and music are also streamed through my cellphone too.

My Laptop: All of my assignments and schedules for school are organized through my laptop. I use my laptop for notes, quizzes, calendars, e mails, assignments, and many more. I generally carry it with me everyday to class or to meetings I have through leadership positions in Greek life. Also, Netflix is one of my favorite ways to relax!

Saturday, August 29th: My Morning

So since I could not use the alarm on my phone, I took this opportunity to sleep in. Woo! My roomate and I decided to go get breakfast at Panera and plan out our day. Sitting at breakfast, I noticed a lot of people eating were either on a phone or had some type of technology sitting on the table. My roomate also had her phone out and occasionally checked it. I found it hard to break the routine of wanting to check social media, text messages, and email. I also realized how technology can be extremely convenient when looking up information. For example, my roomate was looking up ideas and details for the agenda of the day.
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My Afternoon

During breakfast, my roomate and I planned to go tubing down the New River. Surprisingly, the annual New River Tube Fest was on Saturday. We were able to tube down the river for $10 and all the proceeds went to the community park. After a couple hours of tubing, we stopped for lunch at Jimmy Johns then decided to go grocery shopping! We decided to take our time at the grocery store (we had a lot of time to kill) and bought some fun stuff to try for recipes we looked up! I really wanted to do something outside that did not involve technology. Tubing was a great idea, considering cellphones and rivers do not mix. However, I became slightly annoyed when trying to remember what I needed for the grocery store. I generally type it out on my phone before I go, so my roomate helped me by reminding me of what we needed.
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My Evening

After a little down time from the grocery store, my roomate and I decided to pass the next few hours with a good workout. I generally try and go on at least a 30 minute run everyday; however, I decided to go all out today. My roomate (she's a college athlete fyi) and I ran 1.5 miles to Quinn on west side of campus, lifted weights and exercised for an hour, then ran 1.5 miles back to our dorm. Needless to say, I am very sore. We got back and decided to attend a sisterhood of roasting s'mores and hotdogs on the parkway. My 24 hour period actually ended during the sisterhood so i was able to snap the photo that is posted (I was very happy). During the workout, I noticed technology is seen inside the gym constantly. Headphones and a cellphone almost seem like part of a workout outfit in today's society. Having someone to talk to during the workout was really nice; however, if I was alone my workout would have been very different due to the lack of my music. The one thing I really did enjoy was the fact technology was not as prevalent at our sisterhood. During these moments, technology seems to really only be used for photos. It was a nice way to end my tech free day!
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My Weaknesses

I went a good amount of time technology free; however, my weaknesses got the best of me. I completely forgot to mention to my parents about my tech free day and my mom called mid Saturday after tubing. I love my mom and our conversations so I decided to take the call and briefly catch up (we kept it short). After the phone call, I began to think how technology can keep people connected not matter the time or place. Through text messages, phone calls, facetime/skype, and much more I can stay connected with about everyone I meet. (which is very cool!)
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What I Missed the Most...


Looking back on the 24 hour tech free day, I realized technology almost helps run my life. I love organization and a my cellphone and laptop help organize everything in my social and academic life. Would I go technology free again? Depends on the situation. Being in the midst of important due dates, assignments, and meetings/ planning I would find it very difficult to cut technology out for a day. However, this assignment reminded me a lot of this summer. I had the opportunity to travel to Peru and decided I did not want to use my phone. I brought it for emergencies and to stay in contact with my family; however, I kept my phone off for most of the trip. I used a camera to capture moments that were even more special considering I had no distractions to influence my focus.

Tech Free as a Teacher

During this assignment, I had many thoughts about how the presence and absence of technology will affect my classroom. Looking into the future, I plan on the incorporating technology into most of the curriculum I decide to teach. Not only will the tech world be advancing, but skills students need in order to be successful will be evolving. Smart boards, online programs, games, and much more are already taking over the classroom and time will only tell what great tech ideas will be the social norm when I become a full time teacher.

Although I encourage the use of all technology; I want my students to still have a well-rounded learning experience. I will still have hands-on activities, creative projects, group work, outdoor lessons, and much more. I want my students to understand technology and the benefits it can bring to their daily lives; however, the importance of not using it too. Students will learn what they are capable of by just using their hands and minds. The responsibility of technology should not to be ignored also. My students will learn online etiquette and what is deemed appropriate and not appropriate in the digital world.

Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important. - Bill Gates

Can you go 1440 minutes without technology? Try it!