(Obituary of George The Giant Lizard)

Who is the George

The beloved Giganotosaurus carmeli has been extinct for about 100 million years. I now remember him as George the Giant Lizard. The Giganotosaurus carmeli is also known by the name of, The Giant Southern Lizard. This great beast lived in the late Cretaceous period, which was in the Mesozoic Era. He is ranked as a genus. He lived in Patagonia, Argentina, where ⅔ of his skeleton were found by Dario Carolini. George’s closest relatives were the Carcharodontosaurus and the Tyrannotitan. George is the biggest, strongest, and fastest predator of all time, and is considered the King of the Dinosaurs.
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George's Six Foot Head

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Description of the King

George was about 40-46 feet tall and weighed a staggering 8 tons. He has enormous six foot skull; however he has a small banana shaped brain. Since George eats large herbivores, his teeth evolved into sharp, knife like, serrated teeth, which moved in a rough slicing action. This powerful animal could run up to a top speed of 31 miles per hour. Compared to the T-Rex, George is much bigger, faster, and more feared.

Way of Life

The Giganotosaurus carmeli lived in herds, although George and some of his friends would sometimes go off on their own for prey. Generally, upon finding or seeing prey, George would head to the prey and devour it. Unlike the T-Rex George was fast and could track down his prey alive while running. When George got kids, he would make a nest, like the present day bird, and protect it with great care. George's life was mainly just to get food for himself and his young. He did not need to worry about any predators, because he was the biggest, and most feared.

Giganotosaurus taking care of their young

Giganotosaurus PT 1 .

Cause of Extinction

George passed away because of an asteroids suffocating noxious gasses, which choked George. Many of the other Giganotosaurus carmeli died from natural causes, but the majority died because of the asteroid's gasses. George and the rest of the Giganotosaurus carmeli died about 30 million years before the T-Rex. Humans began to evolve 50-100 million years after the extinction of the Giganotosaurus carmeli
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Fossils of George the Giant Lizard

George’s skeleton was found by Ruben Carolini; a car mechanic and part time fossil enthusiast. He found the skeleton in Patagonia, Argentina. However he only found ⅔ of the skeleton. Till date no one has ever found a complete skeleton of any Giganotosaurus.

Interesting facts

-Named by Rodolfo Coria and Leonardo Salgado in 1955
-Giganotosaurus is the largest theropod to be discovered in South America.
-Giganotosaurus may have preyed on Argentinosaurus.

-Giganotosaurus was discovered by an amateur fossil hunter.

-Giganotosaurus (pronounced GEE-gah-no-toe-SORE-us)

Funeral for George The Giant Lizard

Monday, June 16th, 10am

10 Farmstead Way

Acton, MA

George will live forever in our hearts, as we miss him. He has made his mark in the Dinosaur world. He will always be remembered as the King of the Dinosaurs.

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