Rules for Parents

By Aidan Stewart

Rule #1

Whatever you post online or on social networks is PERMANENT. It cannot be deleted easily.

Rule #2

NEVER text while driving. You are more focused on your handheld device than on the road.

Rule #3

Never allow your children to use their actual name while playing online. It could endanger your child in more ways than one.


You should never give out personal information while you are online. Some people online are just EVIL.

Rule #5

Always use different passwords for different accounts. This way, if you are hacked, it will only be in one account.


You should always put passwords on your devices. This way, if you accidentally leave it somewhere, it will be locked.

Rule #7

If possible, use software protection apps to protect your files.

Rule #8

Always use anonymous names when creating online accounts.

Rule #9

Always lock or turn off your devices when you are not using them.

Rule #10

Last rule. To keep your accounts safe. NEVER give your passwords out to anyone except your parent or guardian.