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Elementary/K8 Return to Full Days 4/9/2021

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Superintendent's Update: Quick Facts

    Quick Facts:

    • ALL K5/K8 FAMILIES: Spring Schooling Choice Confirmation due April 12
    • K5/K8 Hybrid Students Return To Campus Full Days MTTHF On April 26
    • No Change In Wednesday Schedules
    • Changes to CDL-Only model
    • Safety Updates

    April 9, 2021

    Dear Bellview, Helman, Walker, JMOS and Willow Wind Families,

    We have been listening to students and families who are ready to be back in school for full school days. With the changing guidance we are now able to provide increased time for those students who are ready to return. ASD believes being in school with safety measures in place is what is best for kids. We also recognize the this is another significant change in a year of many changes.

    The elementary team has been working through the challenges that we shared in our message sent on 4/2 found here. We are pleased to share with you an outline of our plan to increase time on site for our elementary students moving forward.

    Hybrid Change April 26

    Beginning April 26, all students at Helman, Walker, Bellview and John Muir Outdoor School, and Willow Wind will have the opportunity to return to campus for full days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will remain a distance learning only day at all sites.


    · Bellview, Helman and Walker students will attend from 8:30-2:50.

    · Willow Wind students in grades K-5 will attend from 8:30-2:30 and students in grades 6-8 will attend from 8:45 - 2:00.

    · John Muir Outdoor School will attend from 8:30-2:50.

    Safety Measures

    Students will have a minimum of three feet of physical distancing at all times. Additionally, they will continue to wear masks at school, engage in screening prior to entry, and meet all of the safety requirements outlined in RSSL found here.

    Six feet of physical distancing remains required when students are eating and engaging in some specific activities as outlined in RSSL. We are arranging and maximizing all of our spaces to ensure that we meet this requirement for lunch and any other activity with that requirement.

    What happens if a student is ordered to quarantine by the health department due to exposure?

    If a student individually needs to quarantine, they will work with their teacher to keep up on course work while out of school, much like any long-term absence.

    If a whole cohort or class has to quarantine, that group will temporarily return to comprehensive distance learning during the quarantine period. This can happen with very short or no notice. It is important for families to have a back up plan.

    A typical quarantine is 14 days and is determined by Jackson County Public Health.

    Changes for Comprehensive Distance Learning Only Students

    Families may still choose Comprehensive Distance Learning only (CDL-only) but the program will look different for the remainder of the school year. While the students’ academic instruction will no longer be provided by their classroom teacher, we will still have opportunities for them to stay connected to their classroom and school community.

    Connections and Community

    Students will remain connected to their classroom teacher and classmates through a weekly class meeting on Wednesdays, school assemblies, and other community building activities.

    Academic Learning

    We are partnering with Edgenuity for online instruction. Edgenuity provides a licensed teacher expert in online learning, and a comprehensive online curriculum. For students who choose the CDL-only option, their curriculum will be provided through that platform using that content and teacher support. We have been partnering with Edgenuity at Ashland Connect at JMOS with great success.

    Additionally, each site will have an Ashland School District teacher (not their current teacher) that will be assigned to each site to support students who choose CDL. They will provide opportunities for students to gather via zoom, support them with the new platform, any special services and ensure continued connection with the school community.

    Students who choose CDL only who participate in intervention groups, ELD services, or special education services will continue to work with their current specialist for those services.

    We are fortunate to have an already existing partnership with Edgenuity that allows us to provide robust programming for those students who are choosing CDL only. We know this is a big change for families who are choosing CDL, and are maximizing ways for students to stay connected to their existing classroom and school community.

    If your family chooses CDL only, we will be in contact with you to share more details about the program. As we shared in the intent to return survey, families who choose CDL only for next year will enroll at Ashland Connect at JMOS that uses this same program.

    ALL FAMILIES: Spring Schooling Choice Confirmation Due April 12

    In order to staff all of our programs appropriately, we need to know from you if you plan to finish the year in-person or via CDL.

    Families have two choices listed in the confirmation form:

    • Full day MTTHF
    • CDL-only through Edgenuity

    Please complete the short commitment form by Monday, April 12th. Select the Link to your Students school. Complete one survey for each child you have in that school.

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    We appreciate your partnership as we navigate these ever-changing waters together as a community.


    Samuel Bogdanove


    Ashland Public Schools

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    Erika Bare

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