Let Freedom Ring

Summary Of Doctor King's Speech

In chunk A , Dr.King expressed that “although the great american who is a symbolic figure to our nation signed the Emancipation proclamation , African Americans still suffer from segregation.” As a hundred years goes by continuously ,the African american race continues to suffer for instance living in poverty and being languished by the american society. Basically Dr.King believed that no matter what laws are passed ,African Americans are still treated like the underdog of society. In chunk B, Dr.King is basically saying that we still struggle with our dignity and discipline. He also believes that we shouldn't allow our protest to result in violence. We also should not lead to distrusting the white race because a lot of them have now realized that we both seek the same destiny.He is stating that “ we cannot be satisfied if our basic residency is from a small ghetto home to a larger one and we cannot be satisfied if our mobility is only allowed to lodge motels.” Dr.King explains that we are being robbed of our dignity if everything state's “WHITE ONLY.” In chunk C, Martin Luther King states ,that “his dream is that we all will rise up and realize that we are equal.He dreams that sons of slaves and slave owners could sit in a room with each other without complaint.” Basically he believes that we are equal and he hopes that everyone else can envision this dream and make it possible.In chuck D, he is stating that we should “ let freedom ring in every place.” He is saying that we will reach that day when people of all races and ethnicity will join hands and rejoice their long journey of reaching freedoms that no matter what laws are passed ,African Americans are still treated like the underdog of society. Dr.Kings purpose was to bring people together and express that they could make his dream possible. He believed that we were all equal and that violence was unnecessary.

Chunk D

"This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with new meaning." I chose this quote because it supports Dr.King's goal for our nation which is for all of us to come together and to live in peace. I chose this image because it shows two people of different color shaking hands( a symbol of peace).
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I chose the song "American Oxygen by Rihanna because i can relate to it because to live in America or succeed in life I have to fight for my rights and live by the requirements such as voting, working , paying bills, and being independent. This song connects to the song by showing images of African Americans success over time . For instance our first black president ,President Barack Obama, and blacks gaining the right to vote and having American rights.
Rihanna - American Oxygen
I chose this song because it expresses what was occurring which was police brutality towards children my age and older. This song refereed to present day tragic events . This song connects with the text because it shows that nothing has changed overtime and we are still not free from the law of segregation.
young rapper raps about police brutality
I chose this song because I can personally relate to it , due to all of the recent violence that been spreading around especially the high rate of teen deaths . This song connects with the text because Dr.King stated that his dream was that his children see days where they don't have to be judged by the color of their skin and that ties into world peace.
John Lennon - Imagine HD
I chose this song because I personally believe that everyone is the same and that the color of their skin makes them no different. The color of your skin does not define the same pain we share, or the same happiness we share those things aren't labeled by race. This song relates to the text because Dr.King states that one day all God's children will come together and hold hands. In this particular video it shows and expresses everyone of different races /ethnicity come together.
Michael Jackson - Cry