Vietnam immigration to Minnesota

Know I little more than you already do!

Push and Pull!

Reasons they leave there country are be cause of bad economy and not as good technology! Reasons they come to our country is whatever they have is better hear, we have more opportunities and jobs!

Which of ravensteins laws Vietnamese immigration follow!

They follow these rules;- migrants traveling long distances settle in big cities, most migrants occurs in steps, most migration is from rural to urban, most migrants are adults, most migrants moving long distances are males and most migrants moving short distances are females.

They don't follow these rules;- most migrants only travel short distances, each migration flow produces a movement in the opposite direction!

What do the do when they come here and were do they live!-------- what are some issues they experience when they come to Minnesota?

They usually will try to come be farmers in rural areas because that's what they did in their home country but things don't work out and they move to more urban areas and become farmers in places like the twin cities!

Farming is difficult to them in M.N. because they had little land! The younger Vietnamese people usually quarrel with there parents because they try to go there own way in life by following more American traditions and personalities and the parents stick to there ways!