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1st 6 week Recap from the Butler Library

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often
I LOVE Kid President. Here is one of my favorite videos to make you smile.

First Six Weeks

What a great 6 weeks we had in the library. We checked out over 4100 books which was about 1000 books more than this time last year. Butler kids sure love reading! We also had over 400 walk ins during the same time frame. This includes any student that comes into the library without their class. I think they are really enjoying the open library times in the morning. It gives the students someplace other than the gym and cafeteria.
There are some amazing online resources available to us that are paid for by the district or state. Some of them are in jeopardy of being canceled due to lack of use. I encourage you to take a few minutes every week and check some of them out. Below are some of my top choices and the links to them. Click on Online Databases above to get the entire list, links, user names, and passwords.

Returning Library Books

It would be extremely helpful if the library books could be returned in the mornings prior to coming in for your scheduled class time. Each class may have different policies for library books, but if you have a designated place for returns then maybe a student could bring those to the library every morning. This could be every morning or just on the morning of your designated library day. It is up to you.
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Destiny Website

The Destiny website is a great resource to see what is available in the library and what you currently have checked out. I am happy to pull any books you need for your classroom. Send me a search topic or print a list from the destiny website. If you are particular about the titles you want me to pull then follow these steps:

Go to the Destiny website

Click Catalog

Enter search criteria.

Print list (upper right hand corner)

Highlight materials you want me to pull.

Drop off at the library or place in my box.

Please also include date you need it by.

I am happy to do this for you!

There is also a wealth of professional resources on the shelves in the A/V room (aka Regina's office). Search "professional" from the Destiny page. You will scroll down some and look for the resources with PROF as the call number. So many great things here. You can also stop by sometime and just browse what we have. I LOVE visitors!


36 eBooks were added to the library collection last year. I am hoping to add more to our collection this year. This can be accessed via computer, cell phone or iPad. These are a great resource for whole group, small group or individual reading.

Go to the Destiny website

Click Catalog

Click Universal Search (on the left side)

The eBooks are listed here. You may read directly from the page or click Check Out to read at another time. Student and teacher destiny log in is id number for both. Teachers need to place an "e" before your id number.

Below are some pictures of available titles.

Have a great week!