Benefits of Socialism

The Needs Are Met
Another great thing about socialism is that everyone’s needs are completely met. This means that health care is universal, education is free, food is supplied, as well as clothing and other necessary items to live. This is great for the entire society because it helps to reduce poverty.

Socailsm Defined

Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

Disadvantages of socialism

Its Expensive
It costs a whole lot of money to provide everyone with the things that they need, and this money has to come from somewhere. In order to subsidize where the funding comes from, all of the money that is made by the citizens is taxed at extreme percentages in order to cover all of the costs.

How do you get paid in socialism.

The skilled worker gets more than the unskilled; the manager gets more than the workman; the great musician gets more than the average musician; the farmer who produces 400 bushels of wheat gets more than the farmer who produces zoo; the miner who digs eight tons of coal gets more than the miner who digs six; and so on. People are paid according to the quality and quantity of their work.

Reason you should be in socialism

We have the brains to reach the most distant parts of our solar system, and even invent self-driving cars, and yet we are powerless to solve our everyday problems. The wonders of modern science are truly amazing, but we can’t provide enough homes to stop people from being forced to live on the street, or provide decent jobs for our young people.
Simplest Definition of Socialism