JFK vs. Nixon

By: Matt Bath & Douglas Terry

The Election:

  • September 26, 1960.
  • JFK and Nixon squared off in the 1st televised Presidential debate in American History.
  • The 1st debate was 60 minutes long.
  • At the debate Nixon looked sickly, sweaty, pale and underweight due to a recent hospitalization.
  • At the debate JFK was calm and confident.
  • This election was one of the closest elections in American History.
  • During the 1960 Presidency Election the country was engaged in a heated Cold War with the Soviet Union.
  • The Soviet Union had just taken the lead in the Space Race by launching Sputnik.

JFK's Presidency:

  • JFK was the 35th President.
  • He was the 1st Catholic President.
  • He was the 2nd youngest American President in History.
  • He confronted mounting Cold War tensions in Cuba and Vietnam.
  • He also led a renewed drive for Public Service. He eventually provided Federal support for the growing Civil Rights movement.
  • JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963.