By: Emma Cannata


People came to Jamestown to start a new life. Jamestown was the first settlement in North America. The Native Americans saw the trading Jamestown colonists as an enemy, and looked to John Smith for help. The colonists experienced troubling times at Jamestown. Jamestown had many ups and downs.

About Jamestown

There is a lot to know about Jamestown. Jamestown was actually started for a military purpose. Jamestown was named after King James I.It was the first settlement in North America. The settlers had three ships and one hundred men.The ships names were the Discovery, the Susan Constant, and the Godspeed.I hope that these facts will help you understand what the ships names are and how many men came to Jamestown.

Native American and Trading

The English and the Native American didn’t always get along.

In 1570,the English tried to settle in Virginia, but they were killed by the Indians. The Indians saw the English as the enemy and attacked them again when they arrived in 1607. A man named John Smith began to try to work with the Indians. John Smith had supplies that the Powhatan Indians needed, and the Indians knew how to survive. Because of this, trading began. Smith was about to be killed when he was saved by Pocahontas who was the chief’s daughter. After that trading was much better.

Trouble Back Home

The winter was harsh for the colonists. When John Smith returned from being captured, only 40 of his men were still alive. A really long winter made the colonists have a hard time. Many colonists died from diseases and starvation. King James I wanted Jamestown to survive, so King James I sent more men and supplies. In the end, John Smith ended up dying, but the colony survived.


Jamestown was founded on May 14, 1607. Jamestown was named after King James I who was the king of England and wanted the colony for military purposes. A person named John Smith worked with the Indians on trading with them. Jamestown was not going to survive the long cold winter, however King James I sent more men and supplies. Jamestown had many ups and downs. It was able to survive being the first settlement in North America.


Pocahontas-The most famous Powhatan Indian was the chief's daughter.

Powhatan Indian-Indian tribe that lived in Virginia, and worked with the Jamestown settlement.

Settlement-A place were people start new community.


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