What is day? What is night?

Let's explore the differences and similarities!

Why does daytime happen? Why does nighttime happen?

Day and night occurs every day and it will always repeat itself. During the day, the Sun will give off light and light up everything around us. At night, the moon will be in the sky and will give very little light to the world; however, the moon does not make its own light; its light comes from the Sun!

But how does it keep changing from day to night? Well, whenever the Earth faces the Sun, it is daytime; whenever the Earth faces away from the Sun, it is nighttime. This occurs because the Earth rotates within its axis, or goes around itself, which takes 24 hours to complete (1 full day). As a result, throughout the 24 hours of our day, we are able to see the cycle of day and night.

Let's see how it looks like!

Day and Night Explanation,Causes Science for Kids