How to Find Motivation

A closer look at Gonzalo in Seedfolks

Step One: Read and annotate the story

First, it is important to read the story and make notes about your thoughts, feelings and questions. For example, when I read the chapter about Gonzalo, one of my thoughts was, "Why is he so concerned about his bike when his father is upset about their dying lettuce?". I thought this because I thought it was selfish for him to only think of himself and not his father who was struggling for money. Another thought I had while reading the chapter about Gonzalo is when he said "The older you are the younger you get when you move top the united states". I didn't know what this meant at first but then i thought abut it and realized that Gonzalos father and uncle act younger, and Gonzalo acts more like and adult. When you read the story you want to understand the story and the character in it.

Step Two: Understanding the Characters

Its important to understand the characters so that you understand there motivation and reasons why they do everything. When I first read the chapter about Gonzalo I didn't understand why he asked like his uncle was stupid, when he was really a great gardener. I realized that he thought this because he didn't speak much english; only spanish. These are some of the misunderstanding i saw in the chapter about Gonzalo.

Step 3: Drawing a Conclusion/ Finding the Motivation

To find the motivation by understanding and annotating the text. The motivation of the story is the reasons why they do everything, what means the most to them. In the chapter about Gonzalo his motivation is pride. I thought it was pride because he wants to show pride for his country and where he came from.