Comment/Conduct Values

Grading in Teams

When adding comments and conduct values go to:

  1. Under Teacher Menu select Enter Classroom Grading

  2. Select a course and then press Select

  3. Go to the Progress Report or Report Card tabs depending on the reporting period.

  4. In the Filter drop down, select Show Comments

  5. Click in a box in the CM1 column. CM1= Comment 1

  6. Then Click Show Values

  7. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 when adding CM2 and CND. CM2= Comment 2, CND= Conduct.

***CM1=Comment 1; CM2=Comment 2; CND=Conduct

  • If CND is not entered prior to posting and finalized, a conduct grade is not assigned to the student.
  • CND is not applied to Kindergarten. Kindergarten will enter Behavior under Social Studies in the Skillbook.
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Show Values Button

  • At the bottom of the page select "Show Values" to see the Comment Values.
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Example of Conduct values

  • To see conduct values, place your cursor in the CND box for a student and select "Show Values". It will now show you the values for Conduct.
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