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Digital Citizenship

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Season 5

EPISODE 04: Networking

Networking today isn’t about who you know, it’s about who you’re known as. Seven out of ten career opportunities come from word of mouth referrals, so ensuring your reputation reflects your character is critical to pursuing your ideal career path. On this episode of The Harbor by Jostens, Mike gives some tips on how simple it can be to build up your network.


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Teacher Shout-Out

Amber Thompson is our FIRST teacher in the building to reach Google Educator Level 2! Congratulations!

Google Tip

Google Keep

Google Keep is an amazing tool. Not only can you use it to make notes quickly on your phone or iPad, but you can quickly integrate them into a google doc just with a few clicks. You can also capture text written off of images, or even sticky notes, or record audio that is automatically transcribed to into text so you can use it elsewhere. Try it this month and see what you think.

Other Tech Tips

Want to get Google Educator Level 1 Certified? Great resources for you here:
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Upcoming Tech PD

PowerUp 2018

Remember that the PowerUp Sessions you attend Thursday do not count towards your 8 hours of Technology Integration PD.
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Technology Integration PD

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