Arkansas Between the Wars

by Austin Mondello

Post War in Arkansas

Following after WWI the beginning of a new decade brought new hope for economic improvements. New advances in technology brought to Arkansas drastically changed life in Arkansas. Harvey Couch was just one of the people that brought change to Arkansas, he did this by expanding electrical and telephone service all around Arkansas. Another invention that was made was the new automobile called the climber. This automobile was especially helpful to Arkansans because of the rough terrains that cars had to travel on.

Oil and Boom towns

The booming economy of the Roaring Twenties encouraged a group called 'wildcatters' to search for underground oil reserves. The first big oil discovery happened in El Dorado, and without proper knowledge of how to capture oil much of it was wasted. People rushed to El Dorado to find their own piece of black gold.

Flood of 1927

This flood occurred near the Mississippi River and was one of the worst floods in our nations history. It broke levees and destroyed property, livestock, and people lives. The flood didn't just cause chaos in Arkansas it caused destruction all around the Mississippi River. Its cause was heavy rainfall, snow melting, and tributaries filling up.

The great depression and New Deal

When the great depression hit Arkansas the people tried to withdraw life savings accounts without success. Thousands of people lost their jobs, and with no money when't into poverty. To make matters worse Arkansas experienced a drought, the dust bowl. Things finally turned around with the New Deal proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt and this deal created new agencies and government programs for those without food and jobs. The government provided thousands of jobs and food to those in need in Arkansas.