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The some what daily schedule of an elementary student

They're no janitors at the school the students do it for themselves teamwork is important school in japan.

each day there is a leader for the class. The leader tells all the students what lesson they are doing and what they are going to do for the whole day.

Then the bell rings for lunch and all the students turn their classroom into a cafeteria. every student has a job some students serve kids some fix the tables, set where they're going to eat and in just 8 minutes the classroom is a cafeteria. The food that they eat is made in the central kitchen and brought to the students so they can eat. And the students eat and socialize like any cafeteria.

The students have different shoes for everything such as school, going outside, and going to the restroom. and they are even Graded on how straight they are lined up.

in the school there is always a place to put something it is very organized and that is one of the things they strived for.

they sometimes write poems and they all do it anonymously and they all vote of the best poem that they think is the best and who ever is the best gets to give a speech for it.

Then at the end of the day all the students say thank you to the teacher or sensei and bow.

Weird and fun facts about Japan

  1. Always slurp your ramen, it tells the chef that it is really good and the louder you slurp the more it shows that it is yummy.

  2. Take off your shoes when you enter your house.

    it depends what kind of flooring you have some you can just do barefoot into the house such as an apartment. And if you have a better flooring like in an average house here in america you take off your shoes and put on some slippers.

  3. You can not tip People in Japan it is illegal

  4. The lower you bow the more respect that you show for the person

  5. Have a very complex language both writing and talking and usually learn japanese (the writing) in elementary school.

  6. Japanese people are always polite they are at least 10 to 15 or EVEN 30 minutes early to where they need to meet someone

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Population of Japan

The Population of Japan 127.3 million (2013)
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Landmarks in Japan

    1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

    2. Tokyo Tower

    3. Jingokudani Monkey Park

    4. Mount fuji

    5. Imperial Tokyo

    6. Historic Kyoto The island shrine of Itsukushima

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